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  When I Say Clean, I Mean Immaculate  


     Whether you need a one time thorough cleaning session or would prefer a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule  my general cleaning will always include a detailed scouring of the kitchen and bathrooms. General cleaning also includes dusting, cob web removal, furniture polishing, floor cleaning, vacuuming, ceiling fans, window blinds. If I think it needs cleaning I’ll include it like the microwave, baseboards, mirrors, fingermarks on cabinets, some carpet & wall stains. Many of these items only need sporadic attention. Changing bed linens is fine if the linens are ready and placed on the bed.

     Special projects include oven cleaning, cleaning inside the refrigerator, drawer cleaning & organizing, interior window washing. carpet cleaning, washing patio furniture. 


     Laundry, anything in the garage or basement, unless the basement is finished and is part of the regular living space, are not part of my cleaning routine. Other items I have not covered may be discussed during our In Home Consultation where we come up with a customized cleaning plan.

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